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Packaging chips
Air cushions
We offer a wide range of protective  packaging solutions ensuring all  your products are perfectly protected without being over packaged. With a variety of air and paper cushioning types, shapes and systems to choose from as well as loose fill and foam padding options.
Light weight
Innovative shapes
Optimal cushioning
Exceptional stability
Our variety of paper cushioning systems, all of which are FSC-certified for sustainable forest management allow you to produce paper cushioning as required directly at the packing station, so you can save valuable storage space, while sending your products on their way well protected.

Classic is a paper strip with a thick, multi-ply structure, with very high density & resilience. Ideal for heavy packaged goods, suitable for cushioning products weighing up to several kilograms.

Chevron forms a tube with pleating creases. The large volume creates a cushioning effect that provides excellent padding for medium weight products.

Papillon paper paddings special shape is patent-protected. The pads fit particularly snugly and are light, thus they can be used both for void-fill as well as wrapping shipped items.

Shooter is a flat paper strip produced from single-ply paper by folding and creasing. Ideal for void filling above packaged goods the cushioning effect is suitable for light weight items.

Packaging chips
All round cushioning
S-Shape interlocking
Biodegradable Loose Fill
Safe, efficient and versatile all-around protection. Used to fill voids, effectively and prevent movement of packaged goods. Exceptionally resistant to shocks and high pressure. Choose between chips made from EPS or PELASPAN®Bio made from fully compostable plant starch.
Air cushions
Cost effective
Range of sizes & shapes
Light weight
On demand machines
Air cushions are the ideal solution for
effectively protecting sensitive goods in
transit from vibration, filling voids, and
blocking and bracing products in the
carton. Our air pillow systems produce
cushioning on-demand directly at the
packing station as individual machines or
as an integrated part of an existing
packaging process.
High quality
Perfect fit
On demand
Protective packaging solution that adapts to the contours of the product, perfect for heavy, fragile or awkward shapes. Made from expanded polyurethane, the
high-quality foam is resistant, robust and light weight, reducing transport costs and protecting your goods against possible damage.
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